Title: Hot Off The Press! New Version Of Waze Released (Ver 3.8)

Waze fans rejoice! Just in time for summer, we've released a new version that will allow you to keep up with friends and family both seamlessly and safely. Introducing Waze version 3.8! In this version, available on iPhone and Android, you can say goodbye to all those pesky texts and calls ("I'm leaving now", "I'm stuck in traffic", "Almost there!") and instead, just sit back and let Waze do the work. Let's take a closer look at some of the cool new features you can expect in this latest release. Friends Via Contacts
The more the merrier! At last, you can be Waze friends with anybody in your phone’s contact list. Being friends lets you effortlessly stay in sync when driving to the same destinations and also saves you the trouble of explaining how to get there. To add friends from your contacts, you can either tap the friends icon on the map or the friends button in the navigation screen. From there, tap the top right button and then My Contacts.
Send Location
Taking its place on the menu screen, ‘Send Location’ lets you and your friends forget about addresses forever. Send the address of your Current Location, Destination, Home or Work to a friend (or multiple friends) with just a few simple taps. You can also send addresses from your History and Favorites. When you send, your friends will receive a link from Waze and can navigate to the address whenever they're ready.
Easily Share Your Drive
Wazers are often amazed when they discover that they can share their drives with friends and family. With Waze 3.8, sharing a drive is easier than ever. In this new version you can share a drive directly with one or more friends each time you hit the road. Simply tap on the photo of the friend you’d like to share with (or two!) and hit go. The person(s) you share with will be able to follow your drive and know your real-time ETA. It's the perfect tool to let friends and colleagues know when you'll arrive or to let the kids know when mom or dad will be home from work.
Tons of other features
-New user profile for easy account management. -Send & receive friend requests and manage your friends list. -Share a drive, message, call or beep beep a friend from one screen. -Locations sent between friends are saved for future navigation. -Share drive icon added to ETA tab. -Main menu redesigned to include Send Location. -Multiple fixes, optimization and more! Want to know even more about our latest version? The video below gives a great overview and feel for how version 3.8 will work. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to the latest version of Waze in the App store or on Google play and let us know what you think in comments below!

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