Waze Localization is now on Twitter!


Yes, that’s right, Waze Localization is going to be officially on the map! Follow @WazeLocalized for anything and everything related to localizing Waze. This includes all kinds of interesting and fun information, that we know you won’t want to miss! 

Did you know that Waze is available in 39 languages and counting, and two more are coming soon? Or that 73% of Wazers use Waze in a language other than English? Did you know that Waze has more than 500 translators, and that all of Waze translations are 100% community generated?

The Waze Localization team wants to make sure that Wazers are up-to-speed on everything going on that makes Waze fit into your community exactly as it should:)

Make sure to follow @WazeLocalized on Twitter to be the first to find out about:
  • New features activated in your community
  • New languages that Waze is available in 
  • Updates to existing Waze languages 
  • Upcoming Major Traffic events and road closures
  • The amazing Localization community that makes this all possible! 

Looking forward to all of your tweets! See you in the twittersphere:)

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