Boo! Waze Just got a Little Spookier for Halloween

Trick or Treat! In the spirit of the season, things are getting a little bit spooky on Waze. From October 22 until November 5, Wazers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, The Philippines and The EU will notice that Waze's map has been haunted by ghosts! - The horror! No need for an exorcism though. You can easily rid the map of eerie spirits simply by adding adding places or by munching (driving over) the ghostly goodies that have appeared on the map. Of course, releasing these spirits is worth big points. Should you succeed, you will get lots of points per place you de-haunt (points depend on how many details you add) and 3 points per ghost you vanquish. Will you be brave enough to rid the Waze map of these ghouls and demons?
If you don't have Waze yet, you can get it on Google Play or the App Store
Good luck Wazers MUAHAHAHAHA!

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