3 Waze to Hack Thanksgiving Driving

This week many Wazers will be hitting the road to relish in the delights of food, family and Friday (Black Friday that is). While these are all great reasons to travel home, holiday driving can often lead to holiday headaches. Don't fret, we're here to help! Here are three easy waze (see what we did there?) to ensure your holiday travels go smooth as gravy.

1. Keep Waze on!

With millions of Americans trying to get home, traffic is bound to be heavier than usual. As always, keeping Waze on for your trip can help you stay safe and help you avoid getting stuck in gridlock. Keeping the app on can also help you navigate around numerous road closures across the US due to Thanksgiving events. As a bonus, when you drive with Waze on, you'll be able to thank other Wazers for their timely reports. What better way to get in the spirit of the holiday?

2. Share your Drive

Sharing your drive with family is an easy and safe way to let your family know when you'll be arriving. When you do this, your family will be able to follow your position on a live map and will also get automatic messages letting them know your ETA. The ease of mind this feature provides is one that will surely leave you and your family feeling quite thankful!
 photo Share_Drive_Flow_08_zpsly2ejrts.gif

Road Goodies!

If you're going to be driving this week why not pick up some road goodies along the way? It helps you ramp up on points and as a bonus, it helps keep the kids entertained for hours. To get road goodies, all you have to do is drive over them. If you'd rather not see or hear road goodies, you can turn them off under Settings > Display Settings > Show on Map.
We hope everyone has a lovely and traffic-free Thanksgiving weekend!      

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