Winter Is Coming - Let's Drive Smartly And Safely

Winter is coming Wazers (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). If the biting cold temperature wasn't enough, history has taught us that over the next few months we can also expect shorter days, heavy rain, snow, and ice - all things that cause sub-optimal driving conditions. Driving smarter and safer is our mission at Waze which is why we'll be doing plenty over the coming months to help you stay safe on the roads. For starters, we’ve added the ability to report floods and ice on the road (on Android, iOS coming soon). Last winter, the US Waze community reported over 15 million weather hazards to their fellow drivers. We hope these new hazard options will allow for even more safety on the roads during winter.
One key thing drivers can do for safer winter driving is to check road reports to stay on top of major traffic delays and conditions. That's why this winter, as part of our Weather Watch Program, we'll be sending out push and inbox messages in the event of extreme weather conditions to users in affected areas across 10 US metros (with a gradual roll out in the coming weeks). You’ll also be seeing plenty of tips and best practices for responsible winter driving on our social media channels.
Finally, we'd like to encourage Wazers to report (hands free of course) any changes in traffic and road conditions in order to help their fellow drivers on the road. These reports can make a big difference in keeping Wazers informed and safe. Together, as part of a large community of drivers, let's do our best to drive safer together this winter.

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