Waze Update For iOS: Traffic Bar, Big Performance Improvements

Great news Wazers! Following our Android release, we've released an update for iOS as well! In this version be prepared to see some significant performance improvements. You should notice a big reduction in the time it takes to get search results, routes and reroutes. Version 3.9.4 is up to 85% faster! We've also added some new features we think you'll enjoy:
Say hello to our new Time in Traffic Bar! Waze is always trying to keep you out of traffic on the road. If despite our best efforts you do find yourself stuck in a jam, this handy new bar will let you know how long you'll be stuck, showing your progress as you move through heavy traffic.
Bought a new phone recently? No sweat! Now you can backup and recover your account with ease. Just log into your account using your previously registered phone number. Your username and points will be right there to greet you.
Finally, Waze's guided navigation will now let you know which route is best to take. Be prepared to hear "Let's go via" when starting to navigate. 
Other Improvements 
  • Improved support for U-turns
  • UI Enhancements
  • Bug fixes 
We hope you enjoy the new version. Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or in comments below 

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