12 Useful Summer Driving Tips

The sun is shining, the heat is blaring and summer is in full swing! Our goal at Waze is to be your ultimate driving companion which is why we asked our Facebook fans for their best tips for summer driving. You might want to keep these in mind the next time you want to stay cool in the car.
1. Choose alternate travel times if possible. You’ll be a lot cooler driving in the early morning or around dusk.

2. It never hurts to take a friend and be close to the water. 

Photo Credit: Gail Smith Vance

3. Bring a water bottle, give yourself enough time and drive safe. It's better to arrive a few minutes late than not at all.

4. Feeling fancy? Try renting a convertible! (Don't forget the sunscreen).

Photo credit : David Adams

5. Always be on the lookout for fun and unexpected sights. (This is nuts). 

Photo Credit: Winnie Carlsen Milner
6. Keep your tires inflated. Hot weather and highway driving can lead to dangerous blowouts.

7. Drop the rear windows down two inches when hot and keep front ones up. This effectively creates a turbine, drawing hot air into the back, expelling it and replacing it with cooler air from outside.

8 Always have water with you. Both for your radiator and for you.

9. Park in the shade if at all possible. It's worth walking a little farther to get that shady parking space.

10. Nothing says a summer drive like great music and taking the scenic route.

11. Of course, you should never leave your driveway without Waze! 

Photo Credit Samantha Tonak

12. Finally, for the best summer driving experience, be sure to use Rusty Griswold's voice to get you there! Head to Sound > Settings > Voice > Rusty Griswold

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