Carpooling in Gush Dan? Join The RideWith Pilot!

Calling all Israeli Wazers who commute in Gush Dan - we need your help! Read on for a fun opportunity to try RideWith, our new carpool pilot. Powered by the Waze community, RideWith is an easy way to connect with people who have similar commutes, so you can ride together on the fastest route.

How Does It Work?

This is a limited trial for Android users who commute in the Gush Dan region of Israel. Available only during standard rush hour times, RideWith helps connect drivers and potential riders -- such as neighbors on similar commute routes or co-workers who live near each other. Drivers can opt-in to the service via the Waze app, and riders need to download the new RideWith app (available from the Google Play Store). A heads up: RideWith requires the right amount of drivers and riders in a certain area, so this opportunity may not be immediately available to you. Please be patient with us! We know your commuting time is valuable; once you install RideWith we will gradually unlock service (and ride requests within Waze) user by user when we believe we can provide quality service along your route.

What Does It Cost?

Riders pitch-in on the cost of gas and wear and tear on a vehicle by reimbursing the driver via the app when the ride is complete. RideWith will calculate the cost of gas and depreciation based on route mileage* and suggest an amount. The driver can then accept or decline the ride and rate.

Why Carpool?

Carpooling can help reduce travel and fuel costs, the number of cars on the road, strain on the environment and parking stress. Plus, time flies when you have someone to talk to! Yet carpooling can be a hassle and difficult to manage. With deep local traffic insight and a large, passionate community, Waze has developed RideWith to serve Israeli commuters at their greatest time of need: rush hour. We hope to learn a lot from this pilot and will let you know how it goes. To learn more visit: Happy commuting! *The rate per kilometer of gas and depreciation is less than, or equal to, the shekels per kilometer recommended by Heshev. Heshev provides formal recommendations for fuel rates for corporate reimbursement in Israel. A nominal Waze commission is included in the proposed rate.

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