Thanksgiving Driving 2015 - What Are The Best And Worst Times To Drive?

This Thanksgiving, let Waze help you spend more quality time with the ones you love - not more quality time with your car. To predict the best and worst times to drive this holiday, Waze analyzed the 2014 app usage of millions of U.S. Wazers during the week of Thanksgiving, as well as the two weeks prior and two weeks following the holiday.
Findings showed: Best Day to Travel: Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) is the best time to head out of town as app usage resembles that of a weekend, peaking between 12pm & 4pm. Head out in the morning or evening to avoid congestion. Worst Days to Travel: Don’t try to leave right after work on Tuesday or Wednesday as many people have the same idea, creating the highest usage of Waze. Best Day to Head Home: Saturday shows the lightest usage, but if you want to extend your trip through the weekend, early Monday morning is an option as well! Just be sure to leave before 10am to avoid mid-morning rush hour. Worst Day to Head Home: Watch out for heavy traffic on Sunday. Rush hour lasts all day with the highest peak occurring between 1-6pm. To further support your travel plans, Waze recently introduced its 4.0 version for iOS - a fresh, cleaner design for easier navigation, reporting and sharing - making Waze the perfect co-pilot for Thanksgiving travel. New features include: ETA Sharing: Eliminates the need for "Where are you?" texts as Wazers can send ETA via text, email or in-app message before driving quite easily. ETA also self-updates as road conditions change. Smart Calendar: Wazers can now sync their calendars to receive alerts to incidents that could impact travel and arrival times before you leave the house or work. For Thanksgiving, people can add appointments as to when they'd like to arrive at an airport or Thanksgiving dinner-we'll keep an eye on the traffic and message you if you need to hit the road early. With all of this in mind, Waze hopes you have happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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