7 New Navigation Voices - For Wazers, by Wazers

We’re excited to announce the arrival of 7 new Waze navigation voices in 5 languages!
  • Alva & Septi, Bahasa (Indonesian)
  • Agnieska and Jacek, Polish 
  • Roberts Lejasmeijers, Latvian
  • Zoran Modli, Serbian 
  • Marcela Alarcón, Spanish (Colombia/LATAM)
For Indonesia and Serbia, this is the first time local language voice guidance is consistently available in Waze! Polish, Latvian, and Spanish Wazers get revamped voices with a new fresh sound. Who's to thank for this roll-out of new voices? The Waze community, of course! Yes, that’s right! All of these new voices were 100% initiated and generated by fellow Wazers looking to improve the Waze experience for local users. From finding and choosing the right talent and managing logistics, to the actual recording and working hand-and-hand with the Waze Localization team to ensure quality. This was no small feat! If you’d like to get involved and improve Waze for users in your local community, get in touch with the Waze Localization team. We’re always looking for help with translations, voice prompts and more. You’ll join a community of Wazers from over 100 countries in all corners of the globe who come together to make Waze feel like home for fellow users. All seven voices are available in all countries where Waze is used. To give any of these fresh new voices a try, just update your sound settings: Android: Settings > Sound > Navigation Guidance iOS: Menu > Settings > Sound > Voice Language

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