Accident Reports By Wazers Beats 9-1-1 Call By Eleven Minutes

We have quite the story to share with you today. A few weeks back, we announced The Waze Transport SDK (software development kit) which allows third parties to implement some of Waze’s most powerful features in their native applications. We were reminded of the massive potential of this tool last week when our partners at Genesis Pulse relayed the following story to us. The story highlights how real-time information provided by Wazers on the road could revolutionize how first responders react to emergency situations and perhaps even save lives.  
For those less familiar, Genesis Pulse is a U.S-based decision-support and situational awareness tool that aims to decreases response times of emergency vehicles. By integrating the Waze Transport SDK, Genesis Pulse is able to provide emergency call centers a feed where the center can see traffic events, such as accidents, in real time. Knowing about an accident in real time can give first responders a decisive head start towards the scene as they can proceed immediately rather than needing to wait for the information to be reported via 9-1-1.
We saw the power of this insight firsthand last week in East Texas when an accident on I-20 reported by Wazers appeared on an emergency call center’s feed. A dispatcher was able to pre-alert the nearest ambulance to make its way towards the area until a formal call came in from 9-1-1. Eventually a call to 9-1-1 was received, eleven minutes after the incident was first reported via Wazers on the scene. Thanks to the dispatcher pre-alerting the unit to the event, an ambulance was able to arrive on the scene within 3.5 minutes. A typical response from their station to the location of the event would have otherwise been 15 minutes.    
Here is a screenshot showing how close the ambulance was when they were officially dispatched to the scene.
We’re truly amazed (and humbled) to know that Wazers using the app can have such a profound impact not only on daily driving but transportation efficiency as well. This is especially true in situations like this where time saved can mean lives saved. We hope to have many more stories like this to share in the future.

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