Football Fever & Massive Traffic On Route To San Francisco

Heads up San Francisco! Football’s biggest game (and major traffic) is headed your way. Road closures will be prevalent in the city starting Friday, January 23 through Thursday, February 11, with many events happening leading up to the game itself on February 7. No need to panic though! The Waze map will be updated to include the most up-to-date road closures and traffic through a new Waze Connected Citizens Partnership with the City of San Francisco. Waze map editors will also be on-the-ground to ensure additional real-time information is recorded within the app.
In addition, any traffic that is worse than usual will be tweeted on our unusual traffic account for San Francisco. If you’re headed to the game, it will be marked with a pin on the map. You can also simply search “BigGame” on Waze for quick navigation and the best route to the stadium.

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