Family Fun While Outsmarting Easter Traffic

To spend more time with loved ones and less time in your car this Easter, no need to ‘hunt’ for  these six features to navigate around Easter parades and have a little fun too:
  1. Real-Time Road Closures - Waze is the only app with road closures updated both by local municipalities and other drivers just like you. Don’t get caught behind the mile-long Easter Parade...check Waze instead.
  2. Schedule a Planned Drive - Our latest feature debuted to rave reviews last week. Take the stress out of planning when to leave for family dinner or your town’s activities, whether today or in the week ahead, by entering the time and date you need to arrive. Waze will recommend the best time to leave and even update you closer to your departure time based on real-time road conditions.
  3. Sync your Calendar & Facebook - Grant Waze access to both so appointments and Facebook Events automatically become Waze Planned Drives!
  4. Turn on Notifications - Get real-time traffic updates from Waze without having to open the app!
  5. Send an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) - Alert family and friends that you’re on the way, eliminating “Where are you?” messages and phone calls.
  6. See Your Friends Ahead - If you and your friends are all driving to the same destination, leverage Waze social features to see the status of their route. 
Easter Egg Road Goodies! If you’re in the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France or Germany, get ready for an Easter egg hunt on Waze! Easter egg road goodies are back for a limited time until March 28. Expect to see blue and pink eggs, both worth 1 point, and the coveted golden egg, worth 3 points. To "munch" an Easter Egg, just drive over the egg icon on your route!
You can see how many points you've earned by tapping Menu > My Waze > Scoreboard. If you'd rather not see the goodies, you can always turn them off by going to Menu > Settings > Display Settings > Show On Map > Road Goodies Off.
We hope these road goodies will help bring some cheer to your holiday driving.

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