Waze Community Assisting In Aftermath Of Massive Ecuador Earthquake

This past weekend a magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck the coast of Ecuador. All six coastal provinces are in states of emergency. Armed forces have built mobile hospitals and temporary shelters but getting supplies and rescue crews to emergency areas has been a challenge. In an effort to help, the Waze Ecuadorian Map Editor community sourced a list of “Safe Place” locations from government listings. We currently have 60+ locations mapped within Quito and 10 between Portoviejo, Guayaquil and Manta. Safe places include shelters and open-space public areas where the ground is sturdy enough to withstand aftershocks. We have added these pins on the Waze map so people can find the nearby refuge . These locations can also be found by typing “ayuda” (“help” in Spanish) into the search box. Already, over 300,000 Waze users in Quito have been alerted to the location of these safe places. The community has also closed off approximately 35 km of roads that are no longer accessible due to the earthquake.
If you are in Ecuador and would like to donate items for families in need, you can find the closest donation center or "Puntos de Solidaridad" to you by typing "Donar" ("donate" in Spanish) into the search box on Waze
We’re humbled by the idea that the Waze community is in a position to provide assistance in times of crisis, as they have several times in the past. Whether it’s sourcing emergency evacuation points, closing flooded roads, or verifying where gas is available in times of shortage, the Waze community is always in a unique position to help. If you’d like to get more involved in the Waze community you can learn how to edit the map or get help from experts in our Waze Map Editor forums.

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