The Big Benefits Of A Map Raid

Community Spotlight takes a behind-the-scenes look at the at the contributions made by local communities and Map Editors on Waze. The community is made up of volunteers with a shared vision, working together for the common good.

At the beginning of May, we wrote about a Mega Map Raid taking place in South Africa.
If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a Map Raid is a time-limited event where Map Editors zero in on a specific part of the Waze map. Like a hackathon, a Map Raid allows Map Editors to work intensively on the map, making as many edits as possible within a given time frame.  
This particular Map Raid focused on adding and verifying speed limits in South Africa. Adding speed limits to the Waze map is the all-important first step towards unlocking the feature in any country.

The Map Raid is still in progress, but the results are already too impressive not to share. Check out these before-and-after heat maps showing how many speed limits have been added during the raid.


Not too shabby, right? As you can see, Map Raids have a huge impact on map quality, which in turn has a big impact on driving with Waze. If you’d like to improve the quality of the map in your country, you can learn how to edit the map here.

We’d like to congratulate South Africa on their successful Map Raid. As a result of the community’s effort, the speed limits feature has been unlocked in the country!

Which city should have a Map Raid next? Comment below or you can join the conversation in our forums.

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