We Asked, Wazers Answered!

Wazers all around the world pride themselves on proper driving technique and an in-depth knowledge of driving laws and courtesies specific to their region. So when we posed this question on Facebook:

…we received an overwhelming response! 802 Facebook comments after posting, we’d found out the biggest irks that Wazers see on a day-to-day basis.

Here are the top habits as decided by the Waze community:

10. Hastily cutting across multiple lanes of traffic to get to the exit
9. Cutting off truck drivers
8. Waiting until the last second to merge into a long line of cars already patiently waiting
7. Tailgating (other cars driving too close behind you)
6. Merging onto the freeway at a slow speed
5. Not using turn signals
4. Cutting off someone who is going significantly faster than you, only to drive slower
3. Incessant, reactionary braking
2. Texting and driving

And what was the number one bad habit that Wazers want to see kicked to the curb?

1. Using the left lane as a normal driving lane, and not as a passing lane

What do you think? Are there any that you’d add or move up the list? Share your thoughts on our social channels!

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