Waze Connected Citizens Program Celebrates Tenth LATAM Partner

Today we’re proud to announce a key milestone: 10 Latin American Connected Citizens Program (CCP) partners!

The City of Monterrey is our third Mexican partner and our tenth Latin American partner to join the free data share program. Other partners include:
  1. Bogota, Colombia - Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano 
  2. Juiz de Fora, Brazil - Secretaria de Transporte e Transito 
  3. Mexico City, Mexico - Delegacion Miguel Hidalgo 
  4. Miraflores, Peru - Muncipalidad de Miraflores
  5. Monterrey, Mexico - City of Monterrey 
  6. Petropolis, Brazil - City of Petropolis
  7. Puebla, Mexico - City of Puebla
  8. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - Rio de Janeiro Center for Traffic Operations (COR)
  9. San José, Costa Rica - City of San José
  10. Vitoria, Brazil - City of Vitoria
The City of Monterrey will contribute critical data to the Waze app- key for hyperlocal citizen support.

The Waze Connected Citizens Program launched in October 2014 with ten inaugural partners. Today, the program has more than 55 partners including city, state and country government agencies, nonprofits and first responders. For more information, check out the below video. To join the program, visit www.waze.com/ccp.


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