Waze Community Question: What Defines a Great Driver?

If there’s one group who understands the ways of the road, it’s the worldwide community of Wazers. In between reporting speed traps, accidents, reroutes (the list goes on!), it’s hard to find a larger community that so closely and collectively monitors traffic conditions.

So considering all the time Wazers spend on the road, we wanted to ask them:

154 comments later, we got some great insight into the kind of behaviors Wazers admire on the road. Here are some of the top ones:

  1. “Someone who can admit they aren’t the perfect driver, learn from mistakes, be courteous and apologize when in the wrong. A hand of apology goes a long way.”
  2. “Someone who uses their blinker. Extra points if they apply it before they hit their brakes and not after.”
  3. “One who obeys the laws, drives with full awareness of what is going on around them, and does not impede the flow of traffic.”
  4. “The ones who move to the right and let people who want to go faster pass them.”
  5. “Attentiveness, focus, reaction.”

What do you personally appreciate in your fellow drivers? Tweet/post/tag what you believe makes a great driver and you could be featured on our Facebook and Twitter.


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