Waze Now in Greek!

Community Spotlight takes a behind-the-scenes look at the contributions made by local communities and Map Editors on Waze. The community is made up of volunteers with a shared vision, working together for the common good.
At its very core, Waze is a community project. Just about everything from the the maps, to road closures, to speed limits is crowdsourced from the community. Translations and even most voice prompts come directly from the community. In the same spirit, some very dedicated Greek Wazers (alexchrisakis, AntonioChania, BoBKiD, dtsoukalas, Enfant_Terrible, FullMetalBaker, grkpete, iniochos, irafan, JimmyK1, karapan, mankasp, Mikempell, paris523, rodolfo333, tsentas) decided to take matters into their own hands and make Waze in Greek a reality. Together, they translated over 20,000 words into their local language. In addition to helping with translations, Greek Wazer Christos wanted voice navigation in his own language. So naturally we sent him to a studio to record!
Thanks to the efforts of the community, we’re proud to announce that Waze is fully available in Greek as of July 3rd. To change the language of the app, go to Settings > General > Language > Greek. To change voice navigation to Greek, head to Settings > Sound > Navigation Guidance > Greek.
If Waze isn’t translated into your native language yet, you have the power to make it so! Simply get in touch with us via the the Waze Localization website to join our enthusiastic, aWAZEing and ever-growing community of localizers! WAZE. OUTSMARTING TRAFFIC, TOGETHER.

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