The Roads of Rio: Waze Findings from Week Three

We’re wrapping up our “Roads of Rio” report with findings and stats from Week 3. A big thanks to our dedicated Waze community for all of their local insights throughout the Games (which we paired with data gleaned from weekly app usage).

From Sunday, August 14th – Saturday, August 20th, here’s what we learned:

  • Busiest Day: Wednesday – August 17th saw 7 wrestling event finals, all held consecutively in late morning.
  • Busiest Hour: 6:00 PM – As we saw in Week 1, we can attribute this to typical evening commute timing.
  • Alerts – Traffic jams, hazards, and accident alerts all decreased in the final week.
  • Local Editor Insights - As the Games came to a close, the number of edits made to the Waze map stayed consistent with Week 2, largely focused on road closures.
*Alerts are not absolute - Wazers can report the same incident**Waze is not an official sponsor or in any way affiliated with the Olympic Games; this site is intended to share local traffic insights as normally found within the Waze app.


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