The Roads of Rio: Week Two Waze Insights

Curious to see how road activity changed from Week 1 to Week 2 in Rio? Waze analyzed its weekly app usage, along with local details from the Waze Map Editor Community – a group of active volunteers who keep Waze maps up-to-date and accurate in Rio – to see how behaviors changed week to week.

During Week 2 (Sunday, August 7th – Saturday, August 13th), here's what we found:

  • All Alerts* Increased – Traffic jam, hazard, and accident alerts all increased this week. 
  • Busiest Hour: 7:00PM – We can infer that evening commutes, in addition to the later start time of events, caused the change from Week 1 (during which 6:00PM was the busiest hour). 
  • Busiest Day: Saturday – Nearly a dozen event finals took place on August 13th, including swimming, tennis, and rowing.
  • Local Editor Insights – The number of edits to the map decreased by nearly 50% from Week 1. According to the local community, Rio was more stable during Week 2, and their work was comprised of normal maintenance of closures and answering user update requests.

Check back soon to see what changes in Week 3!
*Alerts are not absolute - Wazers can report the same incident
**Waze is not an official sponsor or in any way affiliated with the Olympic Games; this site is intended to share local traffic insights as normally found within the Waze app.

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