The Roads of Rio: Weekly Waze Insights, Including Opening Ceremonies Traffic!

Did you know Brazil is one of the oldest, largest, and most vibrant Waze communities in the world? In Rio de Janeiro alone, there are more than 800,000 monthly active Wazers who drive nearly 133 million kilometers each month! For the next four weeks, Waze will provide helpful insights about what's happening on the roads of Rio. To do so, Waze will analyze weekly app usage plus local details from the Waze Map Editor Community, a group of active volunteers who keep Waze maps up-to-date and accurate in Rio.

This week (Sunday, July 31st to Saturday, August 6th), here's what we found:
  • Local Insights - Last week, the Waze Community made nearly 30,000 edits to the Waze map. This included opening and closing roads and adding local places. The biggest edit of the week was adding all Olympic-themed houses to the Waze map.
  • Busiest Hour: 6:00PM - Most events begin in the evening, and we assume Wazers are either heading to an event or rushing to get home at this time.
  • Busiest Day: Wednesday - Waze thought Opening Ceremonies on Friday, August 5th would drive the most activity. However, we can infer the arrival of the Olympic Torch and local protests drove Wednesday's increase in app activity.
Because Waze thought the Opening Ceremonies would drive the most usage, we wanted to dive deeper. To make this happen, Waze teamed up with CARTO, an industry-leading location intelligence technology for analysis and prediction. This allowed Waze to visualize Wazer-generated traffic jam, hazard, and accident alerts 10 kilometers around Maracanã Stadium – the Opening Ceremonies venue – from 12AM Friday to 3AM Saturday. Here are a few things we learned:
  • Higienópolis Had Heavy-Alert Activity All Day: From 8AM-9PM, Higienópolis was saturated with traffic jam alerts. Accident and hazard alerts popped up throughout this timeframe, usually correlating with the times jams increased.
  • 4PM-8:30PM Showed Highest Activity Across Region: The Opening Ceremonies started 8PM, and Waze traffic jam alerts were at their highest from 4PM-8:30PM. During this time, the area surrounding Maracanã Stadium (Praça da Bandeira, Rio Comprido, and between Maracanã and Tijuca) sees its highest activity all day, likely as attendees head to the stadium and non-participant locals work to avoid event traffic.
  • Spike in Alerts at Midnight: Traffic jam alerts started to spike at midnight around Maracanã Stadium – when the Opening Ceremonies ended – and spread throughout the next hour to other regions as traffic moved away from the stadium.
To see activity in real-time, be sure to visit and explore real-time conditions at six critical intersections around the games. Also, be sure to come back next week to see what “The Roads of Rio” look like during week two!
**Waze is not an official sponsor or in any way affiliated with the Olympic Games; this site is intended to share local traffic insights as normally found within the Waze app. WAZE. OUTSMARTING TRAFFIC, TOGETHER.

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