Waze Connected Citizens Program Celebrates 100th Partner Milestone in Global Effort to Ease Congestion and Inform Infrastructure

Today Waze is proud to announce that Transport for London is the 100th global partner to join the Waze Connected Citizens Program (applause!). Connected Citizens is a free, two-way data exchange that empowers municipalities to harness real-time driver insights to improve congestion and make better-informed planning decisions.

What does this all mean, exactly? Some history: Waze launched the program back in October, 2014, with just 10 city partners on board. Now, 100 partners across the globe – including city, state, and country government agencies, nonprofits, and first responders – have joined the worldwide effort to ease road congestion and make an impact on informing infrastructure.

Transport for London joins other partners across North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC including the U.S. Department of Transportation (United States), Rio de Janeiro COR (Brazil), Rome Center for Mobility (Italy), and Transportation Management Centre of New South Wales (Australia).

So how does this two-way data share work? In short:

  1. Waze provides partners with real-time, anonymous, Waze-generated incident and slow-down information directly from the source: drivers! 
  2. In exchange, partners provide real-time government-reported construction, crash and road closure data to Waze in one of the most succinct, thorough overviews of current road conditions today. 

What sets the Waze Connected Citizen Program apart from other “smart city” programs, however, is the measurable change it’s driven since it’s start only two years ago.

Highlights include:

  • Reducing congestion at key city centers of Boston 
  • Lowering emergency response times across the U.S. 
  • Facilitating infrastructure planning in Rio de Janeiro 
  • Enabling crisis response in Mexico and the U.S. 

And that’s just the start! Our innovative, change-making partners are continually reimagining how Waze data can be used to improve urban mobility in their regions.

In a true team effort, Waze partners measure and share their findings with other municipal organizations in an open, collaborative environment. They develop case studies that serve as keys to a global set of mobility improvement tactics, and show their constant dedication to citizen engagement and commitment to using Waze data to improve city efficiency.

*Huge* thanks to each and every Connected Citizens partner for fostering open collaboration and idea-sharing, and to our inspiring community of wazers for helping improve mobility across the world.

Cheers to the next 100! Want to learn more about the Connected Citizens Program?

Visit http://waze.com/ccp.


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