Waze Trend Report Reveals Most-Driven-To Black Friday Destinations

Tote bags, promo codes, excuses to binge on fast-food between scouring stores to find the right gift for everyone on your holiday list. Black Friday is upon us.

Can you guess which locales were hottest on this popular shopping day last year, across categories like fashion, home, department stores, restaurants, and sporting goods? If not, don’t stress – Waze analyzed the behavior of millions of drivers across the US to bring you the scoop so you can plan your day accordingly (or decide to stay cozy and eat leftovers at home).

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Which retailer did Wazers flock to most on Black Friday last year? Walmart wins, with 85% more navigations to the store than on a typical Friday in November.

Also of note: midnight through 2PM timeframe saw the greatest increase in navigation to retail, department store, and sporting good stores, with a significant drop-off in traffic after 2PM (compared to an average Friday in November). The only exception here is fashion retailers, who drove normal November traffic to their doors after 2PM. Drives to restaurants and fast-food joints peaked at noon and 6PM, when most Black Friday shoppers chose to break for a meal.

Speaking of dining...Waze also did a city-by-city analysis, breaking down 20 metros across the US to see which cities are home to the most Black Friday restaurant-goers. Despite all of the Thanksgiving leftovers, the frenzy of Black Friday shopping meant plenty of Wazers made trips to popular eateries like McDonald’s, Chik-fil-A, Panera Bread, In-N-Out, and Chipotle (increasing the overall number of restaurant navigations nationwide vs. a typical November Friday).

See if your city made the list, and how it stacked up:

We’ll leave you with a Waze pro tip: picking up a shopping buddy? Making stops at multiple retailers? Remember to use add a stop to your drive to make sure you’re taking the most optimal route to your destinations of choice.

Happy Black Friday to all! Drive safe (and smart) out there.


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