Wazers Sound Off: What’s your best quality as a driver?

When it comes to driving ability, we all have a certain skill we pride ourselves on.. Some of us are flawless freeway-mergers, some are traffic-rule experts, and a few of the most noble drivers are patient in traffic. And others  can even—gasp—parallel park under pressure! 

So that’s why we posed the question: 

...to find out what you and your fellow Wazers are most proud of when behind the wheel. Here are some of our favorite responses: 

“Being patient, avoiding packs of cars driving erratic. If I encounter that I usually tuck back behind a truck and wait for the bad drivers to move on ahead. 🙂” - Mike B.

“Probably road/back-road knowledge.” - Lynn D.

“Keeping a safe distance behind the car in front of me.” - Chris E. 

“I have trained myself to follow all driving rules (full stop, signals, staying in the speed limit, etc.) even when no one is looking.” -David L. 

“Keeping an eye well ahead to anticipate speed changes or emergencies.” - Karen R. 

“The ability to not break my arm while patting myself on the back about how good a driver I am.” - Tony V. 

“Simple: Passing on the left and driving on the right is the hallmark of a good driver.” - Dan J. 

What about you? What are you most proud of when it comes to your driving skills? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #WazeWell and you may even get featured on one of our social channels. Now’s your chance to tell the world that you’re the safest U-Turner around! 


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