Valentine's Day the Waze Way

Though matters of the heart are often unpredictable, that doesn’t mean we can’t shed a little light this Valentine’s Day...on how our Wazers like to celebrate (or, perhaps, avoid) V-Day.

Many folks are eager to splurge on their loved ones and friends (gal-entines day, anyone?) this time of year. According to a 2016 National Retail Federation survey, 54.8% of respondents planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and spent an average of $146.84 on flowers, jewelry, candy, clothing, and other gifts. But gone are the days where this day was just for lovers: many parents love to treat their kids (and buy gifts for their classmates, and teachers…) and some enjoy sharing a sweet treat or gift with co-workers, parents, besties...and, of course, pets (do they make chocolate catnip? Luxury dog bones?).

Say It With Flowers 
Our data reveals that last year, Waze navigations to flower shops jumped on February 12 – which may point to wazers browsing and selecting blooms for later delivery, doing some comparison shopping, or just getting ahead of the game for the best selection. On February 13, flower shop drives reached their highest point, though that’s not to say there weren’t a fair share of procrastinators on the big day itself, February 14, rushing over to the florist with fingers crossed that there would be more than a wilted bouquet of blue carnations left in stock.


A Lovely Getaway
In 2016, Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday, though many Americans must have decided that one day of love is not enough, choosing instead to flee for a romantic weekend getaway. According to Waze data, there was a 40 percent spike in US navigations to hotels during the holiday weekend vs. a normal February weekend. And what Valentine’s weekend would be complete without that dim, candlelit dinner? Indeed, Waze navigations to restaurants were higher on Valentine's Day than on a typical February Sunday—there was an overall jump of 53%.


A Romantic State of Mind 
Can you guess which US state is most romantic? Though they say Virginia is for lover’s, it’s actually Michigan that tops our inaugural Waze Romantic Index. How does this mysterious scoring system work? We factor the combined increase in drives to flower shops, hotels, and restaurants during last year's Valentine's Day weekend (from Friday, February 12 – Sunday, February 14). Michigan scored highest, despite the fact that Detroit was being hit by an arctic front (“Baby it’s cold outside…”). Oregon and California earn silver and bronze medals, respectively.

How did your home state do?

With love (today and always),
The Waze Team

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