Waze Carpool: Next Stop, Brazil!

On March 22nd, Waze joined the Google4Brazil, an event hosted by Google Brazil to announce key launches and celebrate the Brazilian market.

Di-Ann Eisnor, director of growth for Waze, took the stage to make a groundbreaking announcement. Because Brazil has been a lab and a gateway to product and feature innovation, we've decided to make it the next country to offer Waze Carpool.


For years, millions of Wazers have helped each other beat traffic on the fastest routes. Since so many people are already using Waze to get to work, why not help a fellow commuter heading in the same direction? That’s what Waze Carpool is all about. Riding together saves money, saves time, and gets cars off the road. But beyond saving time and making driving easier, Brazilian Wazers are helping us create a safer driving experience and improving urban mobility. Brazilian cities have played a fundamental role in this change, becoming a testing ground for urban mobility solutions that are now being replicated across the globe. Yet another crucial reason to bring Waze Carpool to Brazil. Go Brazil!

(Here's our Waze Carpool video in English).

How does Waze Carpool work? 
Waze Carpool connects riders and drivers with nearly identical commutes based on their home and workplace addresses. Thanks to Waze's advanced mapping capabilities, the platform combines carpool partners from the same local community, making it easy to carpool with neighbors and colleagues you know or haven’t met yet. Plus, it allows you to minimize your carbon footprint and support a greener future with fewer cars on the road.

We are working closely with our local Waze Connected Citizens Program partners to prepare for the launch of the first Waze Carpool Brazil city to launch (scheduled to roll out later this year). Stay tuned!

For more information on Waze Carpool, visit waze.com/carpool.

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