Waze Shares Data to Help Protect Animals

Happy United Nations #WorldWildlifeDay, Wazers.

Did you know that Waze uses reporting data to help save animals on the road?

We've all been there: you're enjoying a smooth ride, and out of nowhere, you spot roadkill. It's just as sad as it is unpleasant. And it's even worse when you're the unsuspecting driver who accidentally hits a poor creature (an awful, helpless feeling). At that point, there's nothing that can be done, right?

Fortunately, there is: Waze, in partnership with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), is working to help save road-crossing creatures. How does this work? The partnership leverages the use of an existing Waze app feature called the "Roadkill" button. When Wazers in Israel report a dead animal they see on the road, the SPNI uses that data to determine where the most dangerous areas for wildlife are and locate those animals in potential danger.

Ultimately, road planners take that information and help build special passages for animals when new roads are build or upgraded. It's a win-win for all.

What can you do to help? Remember to report any roadkill you see. It's simple: in the Waze app go to Report > Hazard > On road > Roadkill. Consider it your World Wildlife Day duty.

Stay alert out there, The Waze Team

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