Community Spotlight: The Women of Waze Map Editing in Brazil

Waze is nothing without the contribution of our community and the community is nothing without the women that help shape the Waze map every day, checking for inconsistencies and charting new territories.

Today, on Equal Pay Day, the conversation continues about female representation and recognition across the globe, ignited during National Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Noting that the Waze Map Editor Community was predominantly male – and aiming to encourage more women to help shape the Waze map – the Waze Brazil Community decided it was time to make a change.

Today’s guest author, Waze Map Editor and Brazil Community Lead Caroline S. Guerra (@carolsguerra), shares how her fellow Brazilian Waze women have proven: *who maps the world (or, at least, who plays a major role in mapping it)?* GIRLS.

Collaborating with my fellow Wazers to better my community and help solve the problems that have so long seemed impossible is both exciting and gratifying.

Our community has always been strong, but the disproportionate amount of men to women has long been undeniable. While women have always embraced and used Waze here in Brazil, few have joined us in editing and mapping new parts of the country. United, we set out to create a new reality – and a more equal playing field – for the Waze Brazil community.

The initiative began with a post in the community forum aimed at learning how we could make it easier for new editors to join our team. The lively discussion that ensued evolved into an actionable project plan for what has become Women in Waze Brazil.

Launching officially in 2016, we have engaged with over 450 female editors through private messages, surveys, and Whatsapp and Google Hangouts groups. Discussions range from everyday women’s issues to how to improve approximation in Waze. Together, we’ve even created our own badge for the initiative, which can be seen on proud Wazer’s profiles and accompanying posts about Women in Waze Brazil in local blogs.

Reflecting on the support and dedication of the entire Brazil Waze community, I am continuously in awe and proud to see how one forum post has grown into a movement, and shows how important it is that we amplify the Women in Waze Brazil message even more. I know Waze can help create social change for Brazil at large, empowering women to use their voices, participate, and join the conversation. Together, the men and women of our Waze Brazil community will make a pledge to ensure ideas and collaboration continue to translate into action. Because action means change.

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Guest author and Waze Map Editor Carolina S. Guerra (@carolsguerra)

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