It's T-Time, Wazers

Yes, that's right Wazers, Mr. T is #FUZEdwithWaze.

Thanks to FUZE, the newest voice of Waze is gold chain rocking, mohawk icon, Mr. T. And, Wazers: being directed by Mr. T isn't just entertaining, it's what your drive needs. In fact, we pity the fool that doesn't update their Waze Voice.

He packs a punch, and a couple of "fools," and many more classic Mr. T lines as he leads you from home, to work and beyond.

But don't just take it from us. Update your settings and hear what Mr. T has to say for himself.

Updating is simple. Just 4 steps and you're riding with Mr. T:

Now, it's time to boogie, Wazers.

Mr. T is only available for US-based users. 

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