The 2017 Hall of Wazers (So Far)

It's a mere 5 months into 2017, but Wazers, you've been winning big. Navigating around construction zones, noticing speed traps, and consistently outsmarting traffic.

To commemorate some of the biggest #WazeWin moments we've received via Waze social media channels, please meet the first five inductees to the 2017 Hall of Wazers. 🏆

1. Ed of the Netherlands proves he knows the right Waze to go around three lanes of traffic, multiple traffic cameras, and a road hazard.

2. The Wazers of New England outsmart and outfox traffic and a crash. 

3. In the race through morning commute traffic, KSDK News of St. Louis put Waze to the test. The Waze Community performed strong and came out on top (woo!). Check out bonus coverage of the drivers in action here.

4. Wazer Padpad got to take the scenic route, which also happened to be the quickest route, for a double #WazeWin. 

5. John gets around a traffic delay with a little help from Waze and a Big Bend. 

Wondering how *you* can earn a spot in the Hall of Wazers? It begins with a screenshot: just tag @Waze when you show off your proudest moments outsmarting traffic with #WazeWin on social media. We'll re-share our favorites across Waze channels, and the most awe-inspiring wins will be feature on the next Hall of Wazers round-up. 

If you're not already following Waze on social, let's fix that: find Waze on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

As always Wazers, please drive safely with your hands on the wheel, and your eyes on the road. 

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