The Waze Memorial Weekend Traffic Forecast

Wazers of the USA traveled far and wide to celebrate Memorial Day last year. And thanks to them, we have some tips and insights to share so you can be better prepared to outsmart the holiday weekend traffic in 2017. The traffic and alert patterns surround this holiday weekend made one thing very clear: there's a heavy chance of traffic jams ahead. 

When to Waze 
Coast to coast, it's clear that later in Memorial Day weekend is the best time to travel. So if you can, Wazers, try to adjust your road trip schedule in favor of Sunday and Monday. Our data shows Wazers that leave after 5pm on Monday reported the fewest traffic jams in these cities:

The Long Weekend Starts Early
Wazers across the US were eager to start their long weekend, with reported jams spiking as early as the Thursday before Memorial Day. And lookout Cincinnati—Wazers in your area reported the highest increase in jams across the country:

Jammin' Through the Jams 
Android Wazers, remember, you can groove through the drive with Spotify. Keep the jams and the directions going simultaneously when you connect your Waze and Spotify apps. 

So, go forth Wazers. Use the wisdom powered by those that came before you and beat that long weekend traffic. 

Happy Memorial Day, America!
The Waze Team

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