Waze To Navigate Ukraine

Waze isn't just a navigation app—it's the app that will help you outsmart traffic. No other navigation app will give you real-time traffic updates from the people on the ground and all around you. That's right, those cars you're riding alongside aren't just other drivers, they're Wazers.

And Wazers look out for one another. The Waze Community in Ukraine, and globally, reports on road conditions and hazards, including crashes, bad weather, road closures, construction, and police on the road, helping everyone navigate smarter and get unstuck in traffic. Think of it like Ukrainian Wazer fpikey describes it: "all the people who make this world a little bit better with [their] attention, patience, and ambition." 

In fact, their work goes beyond alerting fellow drivers. The Waze Ukraine community continues to build and maintain the Waze map in real-time; charting everything from new businesses to newly constructed roads. As Ukrainian Waze Map Editor igorshv2006 puts it:

"As soon as we wake up in the morning, we are already thinking of how to organize our planet in a better way. We're not just mechanically adding streets to the map, [we're] using our imagination and adding our soul to it. You have to imagine yourself as a driver in each place you edit on the map."

But, want to know the best part? Waze works in Ukraine. And, thanks the Wazers of Ukraine, it not only speaks your language, but also displays in Ukrainian. 

And it's not only our Waze Ukraine Community that's hard at work—their daily efforts are matched by the power of our Waze Connected Citizens Program: a free, two-way data exchange that empowers cities to improve congestion and make better-informed planning decisions.

The Ukraine city of Dnipro is a recent partner in this effort, seeking to further tackle traffic pain across the metro by sharing information about upcoming road closures and detours with Waze. Waze, in turn, shares real-time reports of traffic incidents and analysis of long-term traffic patterns throughout the area. In other words, data-sharing = traffic-busting (definitely a #WazeWin).

So, Ukraine, take it from Wazer trubopirate: "We have lots of beautiful places with good food and great traveling options...drive in Ukraine and add some value to the [Waze] Community," and join our coalition against traffic. Become a member of the Waze Community when you download the free Waze app. Then, update your settings so both the app and your Voice Directions are in Ukrainian.

Update the interface in Settings > General > Language > українськa

Update your Waze Voice in Settings > Voice Directions > українськa (українa)

And remember, the more Wazers there are on the road, the more alerts you'll see, which means you'll dodge more traffic delays and get to your destination even faster.

Happy Wazeing, Ukraine!

Join the Waze Community of Ukraine on Facebook for even more local updates. | Learn more about our Waze Connected Citizens Program partnership with Dnipro. | Any questions or suggestions? Share them here!

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