When to Waze this Festival Season

Wazers, Coachella may not be the first festival of the season, but with over 99K attendees each day, it is undoubtedly one of the largest and most talked-about festivals (this year's inaugural #FyreFestival notwithstanding) and marks the beginning of festival season across America and the world.

Throughout the coming monts, there will be over 50 music and art festivals taking place across the globe. And Wazers, festivals may mean a lot of things to you—unforgettable live shows or outdoor adventures—but regardless, one thing they nearly all have in common? Traffic...and this is no ordinary traffic...these are Major Traffic Events with thousands—and sometimes hundreds of thousands—of cars all descending upon a single destination.

But here's the good news: there are Waze to outsmart festival traffic. 

Analyzing the traffic patterns of Coachella-bound Wazers during both weekends of the festival, Waze has honed in on the best way to beat the traffic en-route to your next festival: travel early. 

We're not just suggesting traveling early the day of your event, but if you can manage it, travel the day before your festival beings. And even more preferable, being your travel around noon the day be the festivities begin. It may seem simple enough, but the early bird gets the open road.

If that's not possible, try to avoid the worst times to travel: the evening before and the afternoon day-of. During Coachella, traffic peaked at 5pm and 7pm the Thursdays before and 2:30pm and 3pm the Friday of the festival.

For even more help honing in on your perfect time to get going, check out the hourly navigations for Coachella-bound Wazers on both weekends:

No, go forth, and get Wazey with your festival travel plans.

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