Hungary's Waze Community Hero

The Waze Community, at its core, is tirelessly committed to getting Wazers around traffic and where they need to go. It's hard to think of a better example of this spirit than this: as Waze in Hungary saw a "car on the shoulder" alert and decided that instead of passing by, he'd change course, pull over, and help out.

Read on to learn from the driver-in-need-herself, Katalin Horowitz, and her account of what we've loved about Wazers since day one: with the Waze Community on your side, anything is possible.

Horowitz shared her first encounter with the Waze Community on the Hungarian site NLCafe.

A Flat Tire in the 21st Century 

Sunday night on the M1 freeway, I'm traveling home when...BANG!

Maybe it's more dramatic when written down, than in real-life, but the noise was startling. At about 120-130 km/h (75-80 mph), my first thought was that my car's bumper fell off. It turns out that we were lucky—we didn't lose a bumper, but we did lose a tire. 

As we made our way to the shoulder, slowly, the emergency lights came on. We parked, assembled our emergency triangle, and donned safety vests before examining the car. The tire looked awful; steel wires everywhere. The barely used tire, bought just two months ago, looked like it was shredded with a cheese grater. Clearly, our tire had met a very sharp tire on the road. And although I have no problems with changing a tire, doing it on the side of a freeway just isn't safe. So, there we were, one tire down and a long wait ahead for help, or so we thought...

And now for the 21st century twist: in just 10 minutes, a car assistance service—complete with yellow emergency lights—arrived at the scene, even though we hadn't called anyone. The driver told us: "I saw that someone was in trouble, and I cam to see if I could help." When we asked where he had seen it, he said, "Waze."

Apparently, within those first 10 minutes, a Wazer send a "car on the shoulder" alert, and that's how our "yellow angel" found us (in a bright yellow car with emergency lights and a hydraulic lift). In just a few minutes, our tire was changed safely and we continued on our journey home. 

I'd heard of Waze before, but this was my first time actually experiencing, first-hand, the power of the Waze Community. 

My intention is not to advertise, but the power of the community impressed me, and my experience was so positive. And yes, I'm planning to download Waze today. 

And one more thing on the flat tire: I'm not sure what would have happened if the front tire had come off, but maybe I'll also check out a "driving techniques" course to learn how to stay safe and avoid accidents if it happens again.  

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