Waze Communities of Latin America Meetup

The ever-awazeing Waze Communities of Latin America have been busy planning local meetups across the region, including Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Chile, over the span of just two months. And they're not just getting to know each other and toasting it a job well done (though that's well-deserved). They're enjoying some in-person time and have our favorite conversations, around how to help grow, engage and improve Waze and our global community. 

Read on to learn more about the efforts happening across Waze communities in Latin America outsmarting traffic make it even easier (and smarter!). It's a roundup Waze Community. And, if you're inspired by their dedication (we are *definitely*), and want to get involved in your local Waze Community, learn more here.

Waze Community of Mexico

The Mexican Waze community covered a ton of ground during their May meetup, including how to encourage editors #FixTheMap more often, and grow the number of Waze Map Editors in Mexico, but the highlight of the meetup was a discussion about some of the more remote, less accessible towns across the country. Thanks to insightful chats, Wazers are working to help make sure their neighbors that live on unpaved roads (many of which connect smaller towns to larger highway systems across the country), can enjoy the same time-saving routes the Wazers that live off of larger to highway systems. 

Waze Community of Brazil

The two-day regional meetup included 44 Wazers who came to talk about the present and future of Waze in Brazil. The meetup discussions took on many forms, including workshops and question-and-answer sessions. They addressed technical discussions about Waze Map editing, the interface editors use to actually edit the map, and the many possibilities the future has in store. Unsurprisingly, much of this discussion revolved around the highly-anticipated launch of Waze Carpool.

Waze Community of Colombia

Colombia's Waze community self-organized their local meetup in the city of Bogota, with 32 Wazers in attendance. The group covered a lot of ground in their all-day meeting. First, they discussed strategies for more effectively managing Major Traffic Events across the country, then it transitioned improving opportunities for real-time routing in Waze. The day ended with productive chats about how to best continue the fostering vibrant Colombian community. And, of course, some well-deserved treats...Waze-y chocolate milkshakes anyone?

Waze Community of Chile

Wazers in Chile were laser-focused on the Waze Map Editor community. They workshopped ideas for mentoring the newest additions to the map editing community, and how to help make sure all the brilliant editors already working on the Waze Maps keep up the excellent work. Because the only way Wazers can outsmart traffic is with real-time alerts and an up-to-date map!

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