Waze To Win 4th of July

Wazers of America: Gain your independence from traffic jams, slowdowns, and road hazards, and reclaim your holiday weekend. We crunched the numbers and traffic reports from last year, and discovered where people are driving most, a.k.a. the times and places you can (now) avoid. 

Celebration-Related Trends 

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Your quest for fewer slowdowns begins the day before Independence Day-when Wazers are going to the supermarket most often, picking up last-minute deals Their burger buns, sodas and more for backyard BBQs and parties. If you can, stock up Earlier in the weekend (or even during the week) to get all your party goods before the mad dash. 

I am assuming you'd like to keep the Waze Wins throughout the coming weekend (who would not?), And through the fireworks celebration, we've got another pro tip for you. Instead of try to rush out and beat the line-only to end up stuck in an expected surge in traffic 3x -in suggest sticking around for an extra few minutes to enjoy the smoke settling in the sky, and Those last minutes of the holiday weekend before you return to reality. And remember, when you Waze to your firework festivities, the app will automatically box pin your spot. When you start making your way back to the car, open your app and Waze will lead the way.

Traffic Surgin 'USA

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Independence Day be a small country-wide celebration, but Wazers on the East Coast and in the Midwest reported the largest surges in traffic throughout the holiday weekend in 2016. And with surges of almost 2.5x the average, we're looking at you, Wazers of Saginaw, Michigan: make sure you're Wazeing all weekend long. Even a few small wins Waze could save you big on the road.  

Sadly, that does not mean Wazers across America should not prepare for possible slowdowns, especially if you're by a body of water—7 out of these 9 top metros in 2016 are by lakes, rivers or oceans. Be sure to keep your app open for real-time updates from the Waze Community. They'll help you steer clear of the congestion. 

Here's to a safe and happy July 4th!
The Waze Team

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