45 Languages, 1 Global Waze App

We're proud to share that as of July 12th, the Waze app is available in 45 languages, thanks to our incredible Waze Community. This powerful group has helped map the world *and* enabled Waze to be more useful and accessible to people across the globe. Pretty aWAZEing.

Our latest addition to Waze languages is Kannada, a language from the Karnataka region of India. This effort began in early 2017 with a group of highly motivated Waze Map Editors who shared a goal of putting Kannada back on the map (literally!). They wanted to represent the 45 million+ speakers in India and across the world, equipping them to outsmart the traffic in their neighborhoods and beyond.

The Indian Waze Community went above and beyond in their work on the Kannada voice. Just a couple of examples include: getting local Karnataka singer Sparsha on board to record the new voice, and creating a Kannada User Interface (UI) language so speakers can Waze fully in their native language.

That's right, Kannada speakers: it's time to get Wazeing. 

Update your UI language in Settings > General > Language > Kannada

And update your Waze Voice in Settings > Voice directions > Kannada

The Wazers of India aren't the only community that's been hard at work on a new voice. Matching their efforts to enhance accessibility for Wazers everywhere, the Polish community helped develop and test a voice that not only gives directions, but reads street names in Polish, too. 

Throughout the 3-month beta process, the Polish Waze Community helped ensure that abbreviations, volume, speed, and more, were all correct and intelligible. And thanks to their feedback and dedication, the new Waze Voice, dubbed "Agata," is available today, July 17th.

Update your Waze Voice in Settings > Voice directions > Polish - Agata

Want to help Waze reach a goal of 50 languages? Become a Waze Map Editor today and help grow your local Waze Community.

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