Filipino Wazers Make Their Voices Heard

What began as a community-organized quest to bring a Filipino voice to the Waze app (by only 4 Wazers) turned into a viral media sensation. One that covered the airwaves and social media channels across top Filipino news stations. A truly aWAZEing Waze Community effort that we're proud to share.

How did one small-yet-mighty group accomplish so much? Hours of dedication, a whole lot of collaboration, and a little can-do Waze Map Editor Community spirit. 

First, the initial group of 4 recruited 3 more Wazers to help with translations and recordings, pivoting from the originally planned Tagalog voice to a Filipino voice to better serve the greater Philippines population. Together, they accomplished what normally takes 6 months in just one. The all-new Waze voice, "Adora," not only provides Wazers turn-by-turn directions, she reads road signs in Filipino, too.

Hear for yourself by updating your Waze Voice to "Adora" in Settings > Voice Directions > Filipino - Adora.

Bringing "Adora" to life was only step one. To celebrate the launch, we shared the story behind our new voice with broadcasters across the Philippines, and the local community magic took on a life of its own. 

It began with a simple question from CNN Philippines: "Who should be the first Filipino Waze celebrity voice?" The response was astounding. Filipino comedians joined the fun and started sharing their celebrity impressions, too (check out some of the most popular takes here, here and here). The community's creativity continues to impress as parodies take new life—shout out to "5 Waze to Eat Chicken" and more

The search for the first Filipino celebrity Waze Voice is still on, but it's already clear the Wazers of the Philippines are a strong and powerful group; the creation of our "Adora" voice is only the beginning. 

Our team is dedicated to working with our inspiring local communities to bring Waze voices to countries across Asia. Most recently, Korean and Kannada, with Thai in-progress. 

Got a voice idea for us? Or looking to get involved with your local Waze Community? Become a Waze Map Editor today. And, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest news from Waze. 

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