One Year, 100 Global Event Partners

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The Waze Global Event Partner (GEP) Program, created in August of 2016, has a simple goal: help make travel to, from, and around events easier for all. For the Wazers traveling to and from major events, this means fewer minutes spent stuck in traffic and waiting in cluttered car lines. For those that live and work around major venues, it means navigating confidently, using Waze to avoid being directed down a closed road or stuck in event-related traffic. Everyone gets a #WazeWin. 

It only took a year for our global GEP program to reach an aWAZEing milestone: 100 partners. Welcome to the ream, Tacoma Dome 😉.

So what are these 100 Global Event partnerships all about? Each large-scale event organizer partnered with Waze can update the Waze Map through Waze's free traffic management program, giving local drivers alerts on the Waze app in real-time. This means venues can update parking locations and road closures to send Wazers to the *right* place the first time. 'Cause, nobody wants to kill the celebratory mood waiting in a deep car line.

Thanks to this real-time integration, GEP partners—around 60% Professional Sports trams and stadiums and 40% endurance sports organizers—have helped Wazers navigate to more than 1,000 events over the past year. In fact, GEP the Atlanta Braves (and SunTrust Park) have already navigated fans more than 3.5 million miles this season, from across America's Southeast. And while many of our partners host sporting events, stadium organizers also rely on the GEP to provide an all-star experience for fans during concerts, community events, conferences and more.

So, what's next for the GEP program? More new partnerships, of course, and taking our GEPs to new heights. Because the more partners we team up with (yes, pun intended), the more event traffic data we can collect, enabling us to improve existing traffic management plans. In other words, the more #WazeWin-s we can all enjoy.

Special shout-out to long-standing partner YinzCam (a game-day app that partners with 180+ professional and collegiate level sports teams) who has already integrated the Waze API into eight of their apps, including the Detroit Lions' app, who made the initial Waze-YinzCam introduction. And they're not stopping there. Coming to a phone near you soon, they'll be adding the Waze API to *even more* of their game-day apps. 

Wazers, the next time you hit the road enroute to see your favorite team (or band or singer) in-action, make sure you navigate with Waze and reduce your travel-related stress with real-time updates directly from the venue within the Waze app. 

Are you an event organizer interested in joining the GEP program? Get started here.

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