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So, what's a hackathon? Here at Waze, it's an opportunity to compile and workshop the ideas and feedback we received from you, our inspiring Waze Community, along with diverse points-of-view from across the company: from marketers to developers to coders, designers and sales folks. Together, we brainstorm new experiences, improvements, and even app features we want to bring to life. 

Waze hackathons have been the beginning of many of our newest and most beloved features, including our recently-launched on iOS and Android Waze Voice Recorder. True to form, our most recent cross-functional hackathon introduced some incredible new ideas and plans to our internal "What's Next for Waze?" conversation.

Below, the masterminds behind some of our top hackathon concepts share what could be on the road ahead for Waze.

Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, not *all* ideas will make it into the app, but that's where you come in. Let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram channels, which features you'd most like to have in real (well, virtual) life. 

Traveling, Together

Ever find yourself traveling with a friend, or a large group of friends, but in separate cars? This feature would help take the stress out of multi-car travel by simplifying cross-car communication. Whether you're heading out on a long road trip, or to grandma's house, you could create a Wazer cohort and follow a lead Wazer. While enroute, Waze would keep tabs on all your friends, even through spontaneous pit stops and snack breaks. As an added bonus, you could send quick updates with preloaded messages like: "I need to stop at the next gas station."

Seeing in 3D

Your car (or motorbike or arrow) of choice currently available on the Waze map is, let's face it, a 2D image trying to fit into a 3D world. The "Seeing in 3D" update would replace your flat, 2D representation of choice with a 3D model, viewable from every angle, helping you to better orient yourself on the Waze map. Plus, how cool would it be to ride as your favorite character, like BB-8?

Hashtag #Carpool

Waze Carpool, currently available across California, Israel, and recently launched as a small pilot to help Wazers in Hurricane Harvey-affected communities, connects Wazers already behind the wheel with those that'd like to ride in the passenger seat for a #WazeWin trifecta. Fewer cars on the road, fewer emissions in the atmosphere, and Wazers saving time by riding in the carpool lane. Currently, matches are made between any driver and rider who travel the same route, but this feature would expand the options for how drivers and riders could find great matches. Using ride-specific hashtags, users would be able to discover more potential matches with fellow Wazers using the same descriptive hashtag.

Carpool Rendezvous

With Waze Carpool, it's not just about finding a match, it's also about picking the best place for your matches to meet up. This feature would simplify communication between riders and driver to more easily create new meet-up points. As a bonus, they'd also be able to learn a bit more about each other before riding together for the first time. And maybe even share a playlist for the ride?

AnyWaze to Automate Your Life

Tired of opening your gate or garage from your phone or car manually each time you leave (or arrive at) home? Can't remember if you locked your house? Unlike traditional "geofencing" solutions, the "AnyWaze to Automate your Life" hack would allow Waze to use its knowledge of your location, speed, and destination to power these automated features. So whether you're driving home, or just passing by, Waze would know when (and when not) to trigger your pre-determined home automation settings. Think of the possibilities: walking into a cool room thanks to an air-conditioner prompt, or freshly vacuumed floors thanks to a robotic vacuum that jumps into action right after you've left.

Alexa, Ask Waze

Do you like knowing exactly what your commute will look like when you get ready in the morning? Or what time you'd need to leave to make it to the airport on time for your flight? With a Waze-Alexa integration, you'd have these answers as soon as you need with just a simple request, like "Alexa, ask Waze how long it will take to get to work." In response, Alexa would provide you with your expected commute time based on Waze's real-time traffic data.

Waze Emergency Response

Imagine this: an earthquake just hit and a tsunami warning is going off. You've lost power, and you need to get to higher ground and seek help. With Waze Emergency Response, the Waze Community could be the very savior you need. Here's how: you'd open your Waze app and immediately see brightly colored pins on the map, indicating a variety of resources being offered by fellow Wazers: food, shelter, clean water, gas, and more. Since crises are so unpredictable, and their impact can be life-threatening, immediate help from the Waze Community could make a life-changing impact to those in need.

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