More Waze to #RockTheRoad

Wazers: it's time to celebrate, because today, Waze and Spotify are officially compatible on iOS devices. Starting today, September 18th, 2017 our integrated Waze and Spotify experience will roll out to iOS users over the next few weeks (and will no longer be Android-only). 

All you have to do to #RockTheRoad is make sure your Waze and Spotify apps are both up-to-date so you can ride in style: with driving directions, alerts, *and* your favorite roll-down-the-window-tunes. No setup required—and no more annoying, app-switching interruptions while you drive. 

The seamless Waze and Spotify experience goes beyond having your Waze alerts and music (or podcast) stream together. Once connected, you can:

  • Switch between apps in just one tap, making it easier than ever to control your road trip soundtrack *and* set your destination.
  • Control your song selection so you're always Waze-ing to the best beats (life's too short, right?)
  • View recently played content, and jump back to where you left off in that podcast.
  • Access your uniquely-tailored Spotify recommendations, because the music masters know best. 
Because your safety is always our priority, please remember browsing is blocked as you drive (passengers only, please). 

Good news: there's more to sing in the car about. To help get you in the groove, we've created two Spotify playlists, filled with songs inspired by the Waze Community and thoughtfully-curated by the Spotify music experts themselves. Each will feature the songs you love to Waze to, and each will be updated weekly so they're always fresh. Follow "Driving Through the Years" for US hits (in English) and the "Carrok√™" for Brazilian tunes (in Portuguese) and enjoy a hot new soundtrack that'll make today's commute a little livelier (and more fun). 

While we can't always prevent slowdowns, we hope Waze-ing with Spotify—and all of your favorite jams, podcasts, and whatever else you're into—will make your rides easier and more fun. Traffic or not. 

Happy Waze-ing,
The Waze Team 

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