Waze Carpool is Live in Harvey-Impacted Texas & Louisiana

Waze Carpool is live, for free, in Hurricane Harvey-affected areas across Texas and Louisiana.

Hurricane Harvey has devastated areas across Texas, Louisiana, and much of the American south; Houston and Beaumont, Texas experienced a year's worth of rainfall in just over a week, an estimated 60,000 structures were damaged, and up to 1 million cars were destroyed. But the power of the Waze Community is stronger than Harvey. Together, we're working to get the people of Texas and Louisiana back to their routines, one free #HarveyCarpool at a time.

Our Waze and Waze Carpool apps work in tandem to help riders and drivers on similar routes find each other, ride together, and navigate around road closures and hazards with real-time updates from the Waze Community.

Note: ride matches may not be immediate, but we hope that for many, Waze Carpool will provide a community-powered solution for getting back to their daily routine as much as possible in this difficult time. The service relies on a critical mass of drivers and riders, so the more active we are in using the Waze and Waze Carpool apps, the better we can all help our neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers get back on the road.

Community Support 
We're grateful to have early support from the University of Houston administration, who will be informing students of the option to share and search for rides using Waze Carpool. Renu Khator, President of University of Houston and Chancellor of the UH System says:

"We are doing everything we can to assist our students, faculty and staff in meeting the challenges they face after Hurricane Harvey, including their transportation needs. We welcome Waze Carpool to Houston as another resource our UH community can consider as they work through their transportation challenges."

To further inspire community engagement, we've created a Harvey Carpool Facebook Group, where Wazers can connect directly and share resources and transportation solutions, and a @HarveyCarpool Twitter channel, which tweets real-time info on delays that are 15 minutes or more above average in affected regions.

How to #HarveyCarpool in available locations:
Largest Metro Areas in Texas & Louisiana where #HarveyCarpool is available.

Have a car and a tank of gas? 
Offer to drive other Wazers via the Waze app. Once you've setup your profile, you can begin offering up your empty seats to Wazers in need.

Even if you can't offer a Harvey Carpool directly, you can still help our community keep the Waze map updated in real-time, keeping fellow Wazers safe. As you drive, be sure to safely mark road closures, hazards, and more with the alerts menu in Waze.

Need a ride? 
Download the Waze Carpool app and create your rider profile with simple information, like your work and home addresses. Then, start requesting rides and Waze Carpool will immediately begin looking for a match.

Tip: we recommend that riders place requests at least a day in advance, and that drivers offer a ride proactively via Waze anytime they get in the car. 

More Waze to Help
You don't have to be a member of a Harvey-impacted community to help. Spread the word on how #HarveyCarpool can help those that need it most.

Post to your social media profiles, start an email chain, call a friend, do whatever you can to get the word out that Waze Carpool is free for people in Texas and Louisiana impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

You can also help our Waze Map Editors keep area maps up-to-date. A team of 71 Editors across the US came together when Harvey first hit, providing around-the-clock coverage to update the Waze Map with shelter and road information. You can support their effort by joining the Waze Map Editor ranks. And if you're already and Editor, you can help by flagging shelters, road closures, hazards, gas availability and more helpful info in real-time.

Stay safe,
The Waze Carpool Team

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