Double the Waze in Thailand

In a team effort to bring more local experiences to our Wazers around the world, we're excited to share two Waze firsts for Thailand: our Thai navigation voice, Manee, and app language are live *and* the Thai Metropolitan Police has joined our Waze Connected Citizens Program. 

Making our long-awaited Thai navigation voice a reality was an act of serious global teamwork. In fact, it was the Dutch Waze Community that spearheaded the project and helped support our small-but-mighty local Thai Community translate voice directions prompts. After much testing and bug-fixing, our Thai-speaking Wazers can now, officially, Waze in the language with the app, navigation and road signs fully translated. 

Find it in Settings > Voice Directions > ภาษาไทย -มานี.

And update your app in Settings > General > Language > ภาษาไทย.

Now, for the one-two punch. While the Waze Community put the final touches on the Thai app language and voice translations, our Waze Connected Citizens Program team onboarded the Thai Metropolitan Police of Bangkok as a new partner to tackle issues like traffic and congestion in the city. 

The Thai Metropolitan Police join over 400 city municipalities, transit authorities, nonprofits, and government agencies across the world in our free, two-way data sharing program. They're an integral part of our global initiative to not only outsmart traffic, but end it, as Bangkok is home to some of the most challenging traffic issues. In fact, for the second consecutive year in a row, CNN named Bangkok as home to the worst evening traffic in the world (yikes). It's estimated that drivers spent 244 hours in extra travel time due to congestion in 2016, making it the 2nd overall most congested city in the world (jumping from #30 in 2015).

Through this partnership, and our newly established Waze Voice, our goal is to help Bangkok—and Thailand at large—improve congestion and make better-informed planning decisions, from new policies and initiatives to up-to-date mapping. Because together, we can build smarter cities that improve everyone's mobility. 

And in the spirit of building stronger teams around the world to combat traffic, we invite you to do your part and join the Waze Localization Team to help increase accessibility and usability for the fellow Wazers in your neighborhood, city, country. And to help better the Waze Map in your area, join the ranks of Waze Map Editors, plus you may get the opportunity to beta test new features!

ขับรถอย่างปลอดภัย ,

The Waze Team

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