Navigating New Rules of the Road with Waze

In cities and countries across the globe, new driving restrictions are rolling out as municipalities fight back against congestion and traffic-related issues, like pollution and poor air quality. For drivers, this often means getting used to new rules of the road (literally)—even on familiar routes. One big example? License plate restrictions, which determine when and where people can drive based on the last digit of their license plate. And for the Wazers of Jakarta, they're restricted by where their license plate ends in an even or odd number. But that's where our new Waze License Plate feature comes in.

Thanks to the hard work of the Waze Map Editor community, these new license plate rules are integrated and represented on the Waze Map, making Waze the first and only app to simplify driving around restricted roads while bypassing traffic.

Our Waze License Plate Feature hit Brazil first, and today launches in Jakarta, Indonesia. So, if you're Waze-ing in Brazil or Jakarta and you add your license plate number to the app and enter your destination, you can be confident your route will be optimized for efficiency and adhere to new road restrictions. For the Wazers of Jakarta, this includes:

  • Active Restriction Hours: Weekday rush hour, 7-10am and 4-8pm
  • Odd License Plates: Allowed on odd dates only
  • Even License Plates: Allowed on even dates only
  • Exceptions: National holidays 

Wazers of Jakarta and Brazil: update Waze with your license plate number in Settings > Navigation > License Plate (we recommend this so the feature works at it's best. But even if you don't, we'll still make sure you're driving on unrestricted roads). 

Thanks again to our powerful Community: it's your dedication to helping fellow Wazers and diligently reporting alerts that makes a difference and fuels our congestion-fighting initiatives. From our Waze Connected Citizens partnerships—which allow municipalities to improve cities by leveraging Waze data—to our growing Waze Carpool community, where Wazers commute together. Only by working together can we finally eliminate congestion.

And remember, you don't need to be in Jakarta or Brazil to fight back. You can still do your part to join our battle against traffic. Send alerts, ride together, and always navigate with Waze.

Keep it up,
Team Waze 

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