Waze Welcomes Nobex to Broadcaster Network

Today, our Broadcaster network—300 partners strong across the world—is excited to add Nobex Partners to the Waze Family. Nobex Partners brings with them over 5,000 radio station partners across 100 countries that they've helped build branded app and podcast platforms for as their "digital backbone." Now, they're providing radio partners with access to a suite of Waze Complete Traffic Intelligence Tools, including:

  • Waze Traffic View: A dynamic, traffic dashboard that helps Nobex Partners access real-time Wazer-generated reports on changing road conditions. Waze algorithms automatically detect unusual traffic conditions and provide alternative routes and drive times for planning and reporting purposes. 
  • LiveMap: A Waze-branded map for Nobex Partners' websites. This means all listeners (not just Wazers) can see real-time traffic conditions.  

Waze for Broadcasters LiveMap integration

Waze and Nobex working together means bringing listeners the most accurate view of current road conditions—powered by Waze data.

This is a step forward for the broadcaster network, and Waze at-large, as we continue to work towards providing real-time traffic insights to more communities worldwide—who doesn't want to outsmart traffic? And with a diverse range of radio station partners from the USA and France, to Argentina and the Philippines, the Waze for Broadcasters partnership with Nobex is truly globally reaching.

Expanding the Waze for Broadcaster program also allows us to continuously improve our data. This means we can better help cities and citizens cope with the challenges that traffic poses, while finding solutions to improve mobility, ultimately creating a better experience for you, our Waze Community. And with thousands more Nobex Partners on board, this is only the beginning. Stay tuned, Wazers (pun, intended!).

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