Have a Happier WazeGiving & Black Friday

Wazers of America, because a happier Thanksgiving and Black Friday (or as we like to call it, WazeGiving) starts with you and the fam spending less time in traffic, we've crunched the '16 numbers to bring you the 2017 WazeGiving driving forecast. 

And we've gone even further than years past, with new insights around travel to airports, grocery stores, and shopping centers, giving you even more Waze to outsmart the holiday traffic. So keep reading, and get ready to take the traffic on with the strength of the Waze Community behind you.

Worst Times to Drive 

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Nationally, the early 🦃 gets the #WazeWin with the highest expected surges in traffic occurring at 12pm or later the week surrounding WazeGiving. And if your travel extends from the car and onto a plane, be sure to bake in extra travel time. In 2016, Thanksgiving Eve and the Sunday after the holiday saw the largest peaks in navigations to airports at 3-4pm and 12-5pm, respectively.

Largest Peaks in Traffic

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As Wazers are headed home, it's not the big cities expecting the largest increases in traffic, it's smaller towns across America. Lookout Beckley, West Virginia—you've got a projection of 2.4x the average November traffic. 

Trends in Grocery Shopping
Because the perfect WazeGiving table isn't complete without the mashed potatoes, or turkey, or cranberries, or stuffing, or pie (we could go on), it's unsurprising there were large increases in navigations to grocery stores in 2016. What may be surprising though, is just how much and when they occur:

  • Wazers start stocking up early with 32% more navigations the week before WazeGiving, compared to the month prior. 
  • Thanksgiving Eve see 63% above average navigations to the grocery store and peak travel time at 3pm. 
  • Wazers are shopping down to the last minute with navigations to supermarkets up 49% against the average, and peaking at 11am on Thanksgiving. 
Moral of the story? Head out to the supermarket as early as possible the week prior because navigations to grocery stores continue to grow as the holiday nears. 

Trends in Retail Shopping 
Navigations begin early as Wazers head to the special midnight sales, but the major increases come in the afternoon. Drives to retailers peak 11am-3pm on Black Friday and the overall worst time to drive is 2-4pm, making your real-time Waze alerts more important than ever. 

And remember to keep using Waze beyond the Black Friday surges. Unlike the more concentrated increases in navigations to the grocery store, Wazers are headed to retailers throughout the holiday season (November & December) with a 29% increase through the end of the year. 

Wazers: now that we've shared the tips and tricks to get you on the roads less crowded this WazeGiving, it's your turn to pay it forward. With the newly revamped Roadside Help alert, out today, you can help a fellow Wazer in need. The alert—a lifesaver icon—is added to the Waze Map by a Wazer that may need a fill up, or a tire change. In 2017 alone, Wazers in the US report an average 5.3M cars stuck on the road and shoulder each month, so there's a lot of potential to do some good. Keep your eyes open for a lifesaver icon as you drive and pull over to help 'em out! It is the season of giving, after all. 😉

Safe Wazeing, 
The Waze Team 

SOURCE: Waze Data. Insights based on analysis of daily drives in the US during November 2016. 

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