Waze Carpool Goes BIG in Texas

That's right y'all today, Waze Carpool opens to all in Texas. And with it, we're bringing the revolution to not just outsmart traffic, but end it.

No longer will Texans be held captive by their long, lonely commutes. Join us in working together to fight daily traffic in the Lone Star state, spend less time on the road, protect the environment, and save a little money.

Here's a Waze Carpool 101 for our new 'poolers (welcome!) to get started:

Those looking to take the wheel: use the Waze app you know and love to offer a ride. Set when & where you're planning to drive and let the Waze algorithm go to work to find a match (or two or three). Once found, you'll get directions to pick up the entire 'pool crew at one optimized spot, and drop them off at a single spot along your route. Oh, and you get to make back some of that gas money (up to $900 a month!)

If you prefer to ride shotgun: download a second app, Waze Carpool, and set where and when you're looking the catch a ride. Again, let the algorithm search for you more comfortable, cheap and fun commute.

Then, the best part: everyone celebrates their #WazeWin. Because along with getting to your destination faster (hello carpool lane), you're also making new friends, cutting back on emissions and saving money.

This Waze Carpool expansion builds off our initial launch in September, when we offered free rides to help improve mobility in hurricane-stricken areas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. After receiving positive feedback about the service, Waze Carpool is here to stay, and growing to serve the entire Lone Star state. At this time, Waze Carpool will no longer be offered in Louisiana, but as Waze Carpool continues to expand there's al-Waze possibilities of a future return.

So Wazers, what can you do? Well, the Waze Community is big, but with Waze Carpool we can make it even bigger, and stronger. The more people carpool, the fewer cars we'll have on the roads, and the better your chance is of finding your carpool crew. It's that simple. Tell friends, family, coworkers and more. Download our apps to drive or ride (search "Waze" in your app store) and join the revolution because we all hate traffic, and it's time to do something about it.

Get social with the Waze Carpool revolution. Chat with your fellow Wazers in the Waze Carpool Facebook Group, and get updates from the Waze Carpool team on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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