Ring in Chinese New Year with New & Improved Waze Voices

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Happy Chinese New Year!

For those celebrating Chinese New Year, it's the Year of the Dog, which is predicted to be a successful year for industrial projects and new-found hope. And here on the Waze team, it means working to be an *even more* dependable and reliable navigation partner for our global Waze Community.

Today—thanks to a small but mighty team of 5 Waze staffers—we're bringing new and improved Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) and Traditional Chinese (Mandarin) Voices to the Waze app.

In a testament to Year of the Dog-style #teamwork, our upgraded Chinese Waze Voices evolved from an idea to re-translated, recorded, tested and live in the Waze app in only 10 days (a process that typically takes several months!). For project lead Mona Weng (our Waze Broadcasters Global Program Lead), this accomplishment is a personal one. In Mona's own words:

It was a really meaningful opportunity for me because I actually learned Chinese when I moved to California in 6th grade. Having lived [across] the US as pretty much the only Chinese person growing up, I was completely disconnected from the language and culture. Translating and recording the Chinese voices for Waze [is] the culmination of almost 15 years of devoting myself to understanding and mastering the language. Since I (obviously) love and use Waze daily (it's been a crucial tool for me to get around the severely-congested Bay Area), I was hoping to marry my love for the app with my passion for the Chinese language. This way, I can enable more Chinese speakers around the world to be able to use and experience the magic of Waze.

Mona in the studio recording.

Thanks to the hard work of Mona, the Waze Localization Team, and a few fellow Chinese speaking Waze teammates, our refreshed Chinese Voices are live and ready for Chinese-speaking Wazers around the world.

To update your Voice Language to Simplified Chinese (Mandarin), head to Settings > Voice Directions > 同同

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) 

To update your Voice Language to Traditional Chinese (Mandarin), head to Settings > Voice Directions > 小夢

Traditional Chinese (Mandarin)

Don't forget, it's the work of our Waze Community (yes, that's you!), that inspires us to continuously find new, innovated ways to outsmart traffic and make Waze even better.

Got and idea? Submit it to the Waze Suggestion Box. Or get involved with your local Waze Community and become a Waze Map Editor

恭喜发财 (Have a prosperous New Year),
The Waze Team 

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等程序),我們在短短十天內完成!其中的功臣大將Mona Weng--就是幕後的中文聲音,Mona平時擔任Waze



想要嘗試新的簡體中文語音導航,只要開啟Waze app,點選設定-->選擇導航語音-->選擇”同同”

繁體中文語音導航:開啟Waze app,點選設定-->選擇導航語音-->選擇”小夢”


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