Waze Celebrates 600 Connected Citizens Program Partners

We're excited to share that our Connected Citizens Program has reached a major milestone: 600 partners from across 50 countries. Since we launched with 10 city partners in October 2014, our free, two-way data exchange program has grown quickly. Today, we're averaging approximately one new partner per day!

Our Connected Citizens partners have made us proud in more ways than we have room to mention. But here are a few inspiring examples of how partners have worked with our Waze Community to drive change for nearly 1 billion people around the world, using creativity, ingenuity and the power of collaboration to make a difference:

  • Ghent, Belgium reshaped their city center to make the city safer, reduce traffic, and improve air quality. After implementing 2,000 road and sign changes, the city has reported 20% fewer accidents, 27% more cyclists, and a 15% increase in bus & tram usage. 
  • Magen David Adom, Israel cut emergency response time to help people in need get help faster. After only a 1-month pilot, Magen David Adom dispatched ambulances to 300 car accidents using Waze alert data arriving on average 10-15% faster than other equivalent channels. 
  • Jakarta, Indonesia instated new policies to help cut the estimated $15B+ cost of traffic, leveraging learnings from Waze programs in Rio de Janeiro. The resulting odd/even license plate policy has increased average traffic speeds by 20%, reduced traffic volume by 15%, and decreased travel time by 19% on road segments where the policy is active. 
United by the goal to better serve communities around the world, our Connected Citizens partners have helped grow the program from a data-sharing initiative with Waze to a knowledge-sharing platform where they can apply learnings from across the world to their local communities. But don't take it from us—hear why a few of our most recent program inductees decided to become a partner. In their words: 
"At The Alan Turing Institute we're working with Waze and the Greater London Authority on a project to better estimate and forecast air pollution in the capital. Traffic data from Waze and Transport for London will enable us to build a more accurate picture of key areas and levels of pollution. Our ambition is that this initiative, which is taking place as part of our data-centric engineering program, will significantly support efforts to understand and improve air quality in the capital."—Theo Damoulas, Turing Fellow and Assistant Professor of Data Science at the University of Warwick
"For the National Infrastructure Agency, it is very important to inform all citizens about new roads, which is why the work we have done with Waze through the Connected Citizens Program has been successful and strategic. It has become a great synergy that has strengthened communications with users...allowing us to interact with information in real-time and inform citizens about incidents at the road level, airports and ports."—Office of Communications and Equipment of Information Systems and Technology at the National Infrastructure Agency of Colombia. 
As you may have guessed, we're not slowing down. We're committed to giving away our products & data to help people and municipalities around the world solve congestion problems and rethink mobility.

Want to help us reach the next 600? Encourage your city to become the next Connected Citizens Program partner and join our effort to build the cities of tomorrow.

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